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Are you looking for a dependable weed delivery service in North Delta, British Columbia? Look no further because we offer a same-day weed delivery service across North Delta. The process is simple. Register for a Get Green, choose from among our premium cannabis, add your favorites to your cart, and wait for your orders to be delivered straight to your door.

Why Get Green is the Best Weed Delivery Service in North Delta

Get Green is one of the best weed delivery services in Canada. If you are tired of getting out of the house and driving to a retail store to get weed, we got you covered. If you do not want to wait for your package to come in the mail, our cannabis delivery service is exactly what you need.

  • Same Day Delivery Service

We employ delivery drivers situated near you to ensure that you get your weed delivery in Delta within the same day. If you love smoking weed, then you are going to love our premium collection of marijuana flowers, tasty cannabis edibles, potent concentrates, surreal magic mushrooms, and many other products. As soon as you complete your order from our online shopping platform, expect 1-3 hours Delta weed delivery time.

  • Free Delivery on All Orders

For a minimum order of $150, we will deliver your order directly to your address for free. Whether you are shopping for magic mushrooms or cannabis products, we guarantee free delivery on all orders. Our free delivery service provides you with an opportunity to save money compared to driving to nearby cannabis dispensaries to get your weed. We know how much each dollar saved makes a difference.

  • The Best Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality top-shelf marijuana at pricing almost the same or even better than most cannabis dispensaries. We understand that getting weed from local weed dispensaries can be a hassle for many cannabis users. Hence, we provide you with an opportunity to enjoy affordable weed coupled with a fast, discreet, reliable, and free delivery service.

  • We Value All Our Customers

For our new customers, we offer a gift of AAA+ cannabis pre-roll along with your order. We offer a 50% discount on selected items for our regular customers. Please take advantage of the discounts because they are only good while supplies last. There is no need to purchase from a physical cannabis dispensary. We got all you need right here in our store.

  • Dependable Customer Service

Our website is designed to make shopping a lot easier than going to a physical weed dispensary. We aim to keep all our customers happy and satisfied with their orders. However, we understand that you may have queries or concerns about online shopping, product information, and the like. Our customer care representatives are always ready to help you. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us through phone and email.

Earn Rewards as You Shop

We want you to have a great time while shopping with us. We will automatically grant you 500 bonus points equal to $5 that you can redeem at checkout for your first order. We will credit your account 1 point for every dollar you spend for each subsequent order. That is $1 for every 100 points you accumulate. But wait. There’s more. When you write a verified product review for products you buy from us, we will give you additional 250 points or $2.50 in added savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cannabis delivery?

Cannabis delivery is a service that allows the distribution of products made from marijuana plants to customers. Our goal is to provide a convenient means for customers to get recreational or medical cannabis, cannabis concentrates, cannabis edibles, and the like. We understand that many cannabis users do not have easy access to weed in their respective locations. If the nearest dispensary is miles away, you can always count on our delivery service for your supply of weed.

  • Where do you offer weed delivery?

Get Green is a local weed delivery service in British Columbia. We deliver weed mainly in Vancouver and Richmond. However, we have expanded our delivery zones to include Delta, New Westminster, South Burnaby, White Rock, and UBC to reach out to as many customers as possible.

  • How fast will it take you to deliver my order?

If you are within Vancouver or Richmond, we have delivery drivers who can deliver your order within 30 to 60 minutes. However, if you are within our expanded delivery zones, please expect at least 1 hour to 3 hours of delivery time, depending on your location and the traffic conditions. Our goal is to deliver your purchases the same day, which is far better than waiting for your orders through the mail.

  • Is weed delivery legal?

Some communities in BC do not allow weed dispensaries. If you live in such neighborhoods, we can have weed delivered to you within the same day. Thankfully, the practise of home delivery has become legal in BC. However, only licensed dispensaries and their employees are allowed by law to provide weed delivery. At Get Green, we employ drivers to deliver recreational or medical marijuana to our customers since we cannot use the mail.

  • What are your regular business hours?

Our cannabis store is open for delivery from 12 PM to 8 PM every day of the week. Whenever you want to buy weed and have it delivered, be sure to order within our business hours to enjoy same-day delivery. For orders made after our regular hours of operation, please expect the delivery to be fulfilled the next day.

  • How to Order Weed Delivery

Ordering weed delivery is a simple process. You register for an account on our website, pick your favorite products from our product menu, add them to the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and wait for the orders to be delivered. If it is your first time ordering weed online for delivery, follow our easy-to-follow guide to get started.

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