How to Order Weed Delivery

How To Order Weed Delivery

Are you wondering how to order weed delivery? The great news is that the process is actually pretty simple. If this is your first time buying weed online for weed delivery, then this guide will explain everything you need to know to get started at Get Green Delivery.

Step 1: Registering for Get Green

Canada wide mail orders will not need to submit Government ID. Simply checkout as guest and follow the E-transfer payment instructions that will be emailed to you. Once we receive payment your order will be processed and a tracking number will be sent. Shipping usually takes 1-3 business days with Canada post express post.

For same day local delivery(Vancouver & Richmond) you will need to register for our website. In order to do this, we require you to submit one piece of Government Issued ID during the registration process.

To begin, visit our registration page.

Once there, fill in your name, email address, password, and upload your ID in the area shown in the image below:

How to order weed delivery 8

Once you have uploaded a picture of your Government Issued ID, you can then proceed by clicking the “Register Now” button. After you have completed this, please wait a short amount of time for our team to manually approve your account. During business hours, this process typically will only take a maximum of one hour.

Step 2: Access our Product Catalog

Once you are registered, it’s time to access the Get Green product catalog. There are a number of different pages that list our various products. On the home page of our website, you will see a list of featured products, product categories, newly added products, and more. Some people never need to go further than our homepage to find what they are looking for, while others may want to see everything that we have to offer.

To view our entire product catalog, visit our cannabis shop page. On this page, all products regardless of category are visible. Alternatively, you can view some of our product category pages such as cannabis flower, vape pens, magic mushrooms, products on sale, house collection, concentrates, and edibles.

Once on your desired product category page, you will see a list of different options. Here is a screenshot as an example:

How To Order Weed Delivery - Product Catalog
Product catalog example

Step 3: View Your Desired Products and Add Them to Cart

In the screenshot above, you will see a list of products on category pages. On the left hand side, you can also filter by price and view other subcategories as well.

To view a product and all of its details, simply click the product photo or product title hyperlink. You will then be taken to a product page, as shown below:

How To Order Weed Delivery - Product Page
Product page example

Once on the product page, you can see all of the images for the product, as well as a short description, full description, reviews, and more. You also can add the product to your cart by simply clicking the “Add to Cart” button beside the quantity selector.

If you are interested in getting more than one of this product, you can choose however many as you would like by increasing the product quantity selector.

There is one more thing to note, however. Some products may have variable options. For example, if you wish to order flower, you will be greeted with a dropdown menu for selecting how many grams you would like to purchase. This is shown below:

Variable Product Page
Variable product example

After you have selected your variable options, you can then proceed by clicking the add to cart button. If there are other products that you wish to purchase, repeat these steps and add them to your cart as well.

Step 4: Checking Out

Now that you have added all of your desired products into your cart, you should now proceed to the checkout page. To review your cart and to proceed to checkout, click or tap the cart button at the top of the screen. This button is styled as a shopping bag, shown below:

Cart Button
Cart dropdown menu

Once you have hovered over your cart, click the “Checkout” button to proceed.

You will now be taken to the Checkout page. On this page, you will need to enter in your personal details so that we can determine where to deliver your package. We also have options to add a coupon code, and redeem Rewards Points on the checkout page, all shown below:

Checkout Page
Checkout page example

Based on the address that you enter into the Checkout page, the page will automatically update to let you know what shipping method you can use. If you live in Vancouver or Richmond, British Columbia, then you will have the option to do free local delivery. If you live outside of this zone, you can opt for mail order using Canada Post for a fee.

Local weed delivery orders in Vancouver and Richmond will allow you to pay with Cash on Delivery or Etransfer. For Mail Order, Etransfer is the only accepted method of payment.

Step 5: Completing Your Payment and Getting Your Weed

After checking out, if you have ordered local weed delivery and have selected Cash on Delivery, you can sit back and relax while your driver comes within 60 minutes. Your driver will give you your weed once you pay him the cash.

If you have selected Etransfer for Mail Order or Local Delivery, the next page will have instructions on how to send an Etransfer. You also will get an email in your inbox (check spam too) with the instructions. Your order will be shipped as soon as we get your payment.

Be sure to follow the exact steps shown after the checkout page for Etransfers. You will need to send the Etransfer to our specific email address with a specific security question and password. These details will be unique to your order number.

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