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Craving for weed or running out of supply? You can now easily place your orders at our online shop. We offer quick and reliable cannabis delivery across New Westminster, British Columbia. All you have to do is register your details on our website, choose from our popular cannabis products, and follow the order instructions. 

Avail of Our Free Delivery on All Orders! 

You no longer have to worry about extra charges when purchasing weed online. When you shop at our store, you can take advantage of our free delivery on all orders. We guarantee a quick turnaround time for every order. Expect to receive your items within 1-3 hours from the transaction time. Minimum purchase is required so that you can enjoy free delivery of your weed products. 

Why Shop at Get Green Delivery? 

Everybody’s looking for a reputable cannabis provider with an excellent reputation in the industry. You’re not an exception, for sure. At Get Green Delivery, you can enjoy premium cannabis products and ideal customer service. Our online shop is easy to navigate, and you can find almost every popular item in the weed market. There’s no need to look elsewhere if you want maximum value for your purchase. 

  • Same-Day Weed Delivery in Westminster 

Once you place your orders at our store, you have to wait 30 to 60 minutes to receive your items. We know your time is valuable, and your needs shouldn’t be compromised at all costs. Our company has a secure and efficient system of accepting clients’ orders within New Westminster. Rest assured that all your requests and demands are appropriately accommodated.

  • Free Gifts for New Customers 

We appreciate every customer who shops at our store. It allows us to satisfy your needs with the industry’s best cannabis products and customer service. As an expression of our gratitude for your trust and loyalty, we provide gifts for our new customers. The moment you register to our website and place your orders, you can already enjoy a free pre-rolled joint of AAA+ cannabis. You don’t want to miss this offer, and we suggest that you consider making pre-orders. 

  • Cannabis Products Sale 

Enjoying the best cannabis products doesn’t have to be expensive. As much as possible, we want these recreational and health supplements to become accessible and affordable to everyone. To achieve this goal, we offer discounts and promotions to everyone shopping at our store. You can avail of up to 25% discounts on our selected items and have your weed delivered on time. Grab this fantastic offer today! 

  • Highest-Quality Cannabis Products

Quality is the main factor for many consumers seeking a pleasurable experience with cannabis products. It determines the potency and overall impact of the weed item. Our company maintains its reputation for providing the highest-quality weed to satisfy all customers’ demands. This gives you a guarantee that your shopping with us is truly worth every penny that you spend. 

  • Best Deals for All Weed Selections

We offer competitive pricing for every cannabis product we promote in our store. Above our corporate goals is the greater interest of our clients who are looking for quality items at reasonable costs. This mindset is our baseline in giving the best deals for all weed selections. Our company is constantly evolving to serve clients better. We’re keeping up with the trends and consumer preferences through time. 

  • Excellent Customer Service

It matters that every customer is given the best service at all times. You deserve a company that values your interests no matter who you are. At Get Green Delivery, you are the boss as all of our products and initiatives are tailored to meet your demands. When you shop our online store, you can easily navigate our pages and learn about the products that we sell. You are allowed to make well-informed choices. 

Top Cannabis Products You Can Order 

You would probably spend enough time browsing our online store and learning about each product that you want to buy. But to give you a teaser, we highlight some of our most popular items that you can enjoy. The following selections would make you want more. 

  • Magic Mushrooms – We have a wide variety of magic mushrooms sold at our store. Each product has unique formulations, allowing you to explore what’s best for your needs. You may also try all of our 35 products if you think that’s wise. 
  • Cannabis Edibles – You can find over 100 edibles in our online store. Each product comes with the essential and latest information about its THC and CBD contents. This gives you an idea of what to expect when you consume an item of your choice. 
  • Vape PensOver 100 types of vape pens are sold in our store. They also come with relevant information to guide you in selecting the best products. All of them are handy and sleek that is perfect for a mobile weed experience. 

Maximize Your Shopping with Us!

As you shop at our online store, you might as well make your transaction more rewarding. Yes, you read it right. We allow you to earn points that you can redeem for your next purchase. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. When you make your first order, you will be granted 500 bonus points equal to $5 in redeemable value.
  2. You will receive 100 reward points for every $1 spent on any of our cannabis products for your succeeding orders.
  3. When you verify product reviews after purchasing at our store, each review will entitle you to 250 points or $2.50 in redeemable value.

Customer Reviews about Our Company! 

The most convincing part about our company is the customers’ testimonials regarding our products and services. It comes from their experience. Here are some lovely words from the real people who keep coming back to our store: 

“I ordered cannabis products from Get Green Delivery, and it was a great experience. I received my orders within the day. I highly recommend the company to everyone who’s looking for high-quality weed items and those who want responsive customer service.” – Winston H. 

“I am a loyal customer of Get Green Delivery because its cannabis products and delivery services are like no other. I have also recommended the company to my friends and associates. The company’s reputation is undeniably excellent!” – Bill M.

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