How Much Are Cannabis Vape Pens?


Vape pens have gained popularity among cannabis users due to their availability and ease of use in the past few years. Vape pens offer an easy method to consume cannabis. With a vape pen, users vaping weed can enjoy the effects and benefits of smoking cannabis without resorting to traditional smoking, as vape pens only produce vapor from the cannabis bud.

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Oil vape pens and THC vape pens use Cannabis oil or THC oil as the primary element to create vapor. These marijuana vape pen variants are among many which are being used today. Let’s explore the different types of vape pens, their features, how to use them, and what you should consider before buying your weed pen.

Cannabis vape pen types

There are many cannabis vape pens with different cartridges and cartridge juices. Some vape pens use THC oils, which is called an oil pen. Convection vapes, disposable vape pens, and refillable vape pens are all vape pens and offer a unique vaping experience.

Disposable vape pens

In the cannabis sector, the disposable vape pen is becoming increasingly popular. It’s one of the simplest, time-saving, and convenient ways to obtain your daily dosage of hemp. Vape pens that are disposable come in a range of shapes and sizes. They have features that share the same characteristics: they’re all portable, user-friendly, and suitable for cannabis users of all levels.

A fully charged battery and a pre-filled cartridge with vape oil are included with disposable vape pens. There is no need to replace any parts or refill the cartridge. They’re essential devices with no adjustable output levels or other technological possibilities. They lack both power and a firing button.

Refillable vape pens

A gadget and e-liquid must be purchased for refillable vape pens. Despite the initial investment, they are usually more cost-effective over time. Refillable vape pens have the added disadvantages of being less handy, less discrete, and requiring more knowledge to operate efficiently.

The advantage is that a refillable vape pen gives you additional options for customizing your Vape. Whether you like a direct lung vape with more clouds or a tighter cigarette-style pull, most provide power and airflow controls to customize your experience.

Vape mods

One of the words used to describe a vaping gadget is “vape mods.” A vape mod is simply the primary device that does not include a vape tank, coils, or batteries. Vape starter kits offer the best value, as buying one separately is usually more expensive. If you already have favorite tanks and coils, pairing them with one of the new releases is a no-brainer.

dab vape pens

A dab pen is a vaporizer in pen for vaping dabs. Dabs are a cannabis concentrate dosage that isn’t stated. A battery is usually attached to a wax atomizer in dab pens.

While some dabs pens use heating coils instead of ceramic coils, the more powerful ones use heating coils. Some pens include eGo chargers, while others have micro-USB charging ports.

You can use a dab pen to consume a variety of concentrates, including wax, budder, budder, and shatter.

Shatter vape pens

Shatter is a form of highly concentrated cannabis extract made from dry herbs. It has far more psychotropic cannabis chemicals. Compared to the natural cannabis plant, this concentration makes it far more robust.

Shatter pens are the most convenient way to take shatter. You can mainly use this portable vaporizer equipment to vape shatter. They are typically equipped with quartz or ceramic coils.

Variable voltage is available in some shatter pens. Other models only have one voltage setting. Some of these pens can even harvest nectar electronically.

distillate vape pens

The distillate is a cannabis extract in which all of the constituents have been removed, leaving only one cannabinoid. Most cannabis edibles and vape cartridges start with this component. It usually has no flavor, scent, or taste.

The most prevalent distillates are THC oil and CBD oil. The oil’s name relates to the most well-known cannabinoid. A distillate cartridge and a distillate vape pen can be used to Vape a distillate.

Quality vape pens

Vape pens or cannabis pens have different parts to vaporize the cannabis juice placed inside the cartridges. A heating element, vaporizer, and power source (usually a battery) are parts used in a vape pen. These parts may also be present in an e-cigarette, with the difference being in the filters used and the cartridges that support different juices, such as juices with nicotine content.

Quality vape pens are convenient and offer a vape experience that is enjoyable for the user.

Things to consider before you buy

If you are looking to buy a weed pen, it is essential to know what you will be expecting from your device. Before you start vaping, you must first consider identifying your vaping needs and what you’ll be using your weed vape pens for. Your body needs, tolerance, and preferences should be factored in, along with the vape pen features, to determine how you will be using your weed pens accurately.

A cannabis pen has many parts that allow it to act as a vaporizer for different cartridge juices, whether dry herb, oil juices such as THC oil, and other cannabis oil variants. Determining which product to buy depends on your preferences and needs and what features you want to have on your weed vape.

There are also vape pens called vape mods, which do not have a vape tank, coil, and battery, where a user can use their parts if they already own one. You can use your cartridges with vape mods. Depending on their cartridge compatibility, different vape mods are compatible with cartridges of various types.

Vape pens and vaporizers

Vaporizers are not portable, which is one of their main differences. They are solely intended for usage at home. Vape pens are typically smaller and sleeker, fitting comfortably in the palm – hence the name.

Another distinction is the type of material they are designed to work with. Only concentrates, such as oils, waxes, and vape juices, are used in vape pens.

Although some standard portable and desktop vaporizers can vaporize oils, they are primarily designed for cannabis and hash. Because of how vape pens are used, they also have a shorter lifespan.

Vape pen parts

The chamber where cannabis is held and the atomizer or heating element are the two most essential pieces of a vape pen. The two are connected by wires and tubes that deliver vapor to the mouthpiece. These parts work with dried flowers or concentrate like hash oil or wax in the device. Many people prefer wax to flower because it is often more powerful and less expensive.

A vape pen’s chamber is typically made of ceramic or stainless steel, with a diameter ranging from a few millimeters to one centimeter. The more blooms that can be crammed into a bigger room, the better. Chamber size is critical when picking which vape pen to buy because larger chambers require fewer refills.

The battery is one the most critical components in most pens, and it also serves as the body. These are usually lithium-ion batteries that may be recharged or replaced. They’ll also all come with a mouthpiece for inhaling your cannabis product. The heating element then turns this product into vapor. Many devices include a button to turn on the heating element, but some don’t and can detect when you’re breathing.

Other pens, on the other hand, are not powered by batteries. Instead, they rely on the strength of your lighter’s flame. As a result, they’re a fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of not being charged. However, you have no control over the temperature at which your weed burns and the flame may cause it to burn a little hotter. However, the difference isn’t significant, and flame-powered vapes remain viable.


The battery provides electricity to your vape pen. The vape pen converts the stored electric power in the battery into the heat required to vaporize your dry flower, oil, or extracts.

Vape pen batteries come in various shapes and sizes, from small ink pen kinds to massive, powerful devices and everything in between. Some clients prefer personalized devices, while others choose inconspicuous and portable vapes.

Heating Element (Atomizer)

The atomizer is the part of the vape pen that converts the electricity from the battery into heat. In the atomizer, your vape material is converted into delightful vapor.

A coil is frequently wrapped around a ceramic or cotton wick in a wax or oil vape pen atomizer. The coil is powered, heating it and vaporizing your wax or oil. A coil-less atomizer warms the material for vaping without reaching a red-hot heating point, which certain vapers prefer.

Tank or Chamber

Your vape material is maintained in this area of the vaporizer. This is often referred to as a tank if it is refillable or a cartridge if it is disposable and comes as a single unit with the atomizer in an oil (liquid) vaporizer. This is the chamber in a wax or dry herb vape pen. This is where you put your vape material in your vape pen or whatever you want to call it.


The mouthpiece is the lead part of the vape pen that directs the vapor to the user to be inhaled. Mouthpieces come in various designs, but they’re all designed to fit snugly against the lips for a smooth hit.


Oil cartridges are small cylindrical vape tanks pre-filled with vape juice or CBD and THC distillate. An Oil Cartridge is a container that holds your oil. It’s a tiny device attached to a suitable vaporizer or vape pen. They come pre-filled or can be filled with any oil of your choosing. After disposables, they store roughly 0.5 mL to 1 mL of CBD vape juice and are the second most convenient way to Vape CBD.

Vape pen cost

The price varies depending on the product type and features provided when buying goods. Vapes and cartridge prices vary depending on the build quality and features included in a cannabis vape pen. The price varies depending on the brand and cartridge size. Users can choose between a disposable battery/cartridge and a rechargeable battery/cartridge. 

Disposables cost $40 to $60 per cartridge, while rechargeable refills cost $40 to $60 for 500 milligrams and $100 for a 1000 milligram cartridge. Some dispensaries sell generics for $100 for 3 1000 milligrams.

Vape pen features

Vape pen products have different features which allow the user to control the vaporizer action on their device. Filters and heat settings can also be controlled in some vape pens, controlling access of the vapor from the cartridges to the mouthpiece.

Some vape pens have three heat settings which allow for greater flexibility in controlling vapor output. Battery life is another feature you should consider before shopping for weed vapes. Weed vapes with excellent battery life last more and enable the user to have a more extended session before being recharged again.

What to fill your vape pen with

E-juice is a liquid commonly used in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers (vape pens). The vape pen then heats the juice before converting it to vapor, which is inhaled. Some e-juices contain nicotine, while others do not; e-juice also comes in various flavors.

Weed vape juice is a concentrated cannabis extract with thinning chemicals such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and terpenes added to provide a runnier e-liquid consistency that’s simpler to evaporate with your vape pen’s heating element.

THC, CBD, or significant cannabinoids can be found in weed vape liquids. Users can add their preferred food-grade terpenes to make a tasty, aromatic, potent, pure CBD or THC vape juice. Users who smoke marijuana can choose from various cannabis products, such as marijuana concentrates or drinks laced with nicotine.

Best vape pens you can buy now.

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Here are some weed vape pens and vaping products that you can shop now:

Disposable Diamond Concentrates (Distillate) – Girl Scout Cookies (2 Gram)

The rechargeable disposable vape pen gadgets from Diamond Concentrate have a stylish and sturdy design and simple and basic functionality.

This device has diamond concentrates as well as a GSC strain. All extracts are tested for THC and CBD levels and aroma, flavor, appearance, and effect in the lab. This device is made with high-quality raw materials and uses advanced vaporization techniques to remove contaminants, producing a pure concentrate with rich terpene profiles.


The pull has been turned on.

Draw for no more than five seconds.

Inhale and exhale slowly and comfortably.

Unscrew the bottom of the Vape to reveal the micro-USB charging port. *There is no charging wire provided.

Each pen holds 2g of oil and is available in three different flavors: distillate, live resin, and HTFSE.

Propylene Glycol-Free, Vegetable Glycerin-Free, Solvent-Free Organic Base

Among the ingredients are MCT oil, Distillate D9, and organic terpenes.

Disposable Diamond Concentrates (Distillate) – Gelato (2 Gram)

This gadget is made for diamond concentrates and has many features to make your vaping experience more enjoyable. This device is user-friendly and draw-activated. Diamond has raised the bar by incorporating Live Resin, HTFSE, and distillate, putting them ahead of the competition.

This device’s concentration has been subjected to higher quality and has been thoroughly checked throughout the manufacturing process, from seed to sale. The concentration of this device is assumed to be of the highest grade, allowing for the finest vapor quality during vaporization. All extracts are tested for THC and CBD levels and aroma, flavor, appearance, and effect in the lab. This is accomplished by using high-quality source materials and premium procedures for removing contaminants, resulting in a pure concentrate with high terpene profiles.

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