Do Shrooms Go Bad? How to Store Magic Mushrooms


Magic mushrooms are one of the most popular psychedelics used today. They are used for various purposes and have many product types manufactured using psychedelic mushrooms. However, to properly utilize mushrooms for everyday use, users must know how to store their mushrooms properly.

Proper storing practices can make your magic mushroom last for a long time, and you can hold on to your mushrooms without them going bad. Here are some of the best practices in storing mushrooms that you should know.

Magic mushroom content

Psilocybin mushrooms are psychedelic mushrooms that produce a psychedelic experience when consumed. Magic mushrooms have potent psychedelic compounds and have short and long-term effects on your mental health. It is essential to store your mushrooms properly as shrooms go bad quickly. If you can’t store shrooms properly, you could risk having an upset stomach or, worse, have a bad trip if you eat a mushroom with mold or have started to rot.

The potency of mushrooms stays relatively stable, with the same amount of psilocybin still present in mushrooms even if they had started to rot. However, it would be best if you worried about your digestive system and the risk of eating mold and rot that could go with rotten mushrooms. Health problems may arise if such mushrooms are consumed.

Optimal storage method

A suitable storage container for your mushroom will help preserve your magic mushrooms. An airtight container is perfect for storing fresh magic mushrooms and dried mushrooms, as this type of container keeps out moisture and seals the mushrooms in a vacuum environment. Food vacuum packers can be used to fill mushrooms and dried shrooms in an airtight container like plastic packets.

Psychedelic mushrooms like psilocybin mushrooms are also subject to heat, moisture, and light, and therefore they can quickly get mold, just like other mushrooms and food. It is ideal for mushrooms to be kept away from heat as this hastens the decaying process of fungi.

Dried mushrooms can be made using a food dehydrator where fresh mushrooms are treated in high heat and moisture is sucked up. Fresh mushrooms that have just been harvested can be treated in an oven to create dried mushrooms. The potency of these mushrooms won’t be affected, nor other characteristics such as smell and taste. Dried mushrooms are less susceptible to mold and have a longer shelf life.

Storage methods you can use

Magic mushrooms can be dried and preserved for up to 2-3 years in a cold, dark, and dry environment if a long-term storage formulation is necessary (maybe even longer). The only dangers are insect infestation and possible potency loss due to light, humidity, and heat. This works because the mushrooms rarely decompose when their moisture content is low.

mason jars

The method is by far the most accessible and most affordable, as a case of mason jars can generally be found for a few dollars. They’re made to establish an airtight seal in your container, keeping oxygen out and slowing the oxidation process, which reduces the strength of your mushrooms.

ziplock bags

Ziplock bags provide similar protection to mason jars but with specific benefits and drawbacks.

A ziplock bag allows you to suck out a significant amount of air before sealing it. This will reduce the amount of oxygen within, harming them and reducing their effectiveness.

Ziplock bags have the disadvantage of occasionally leaking. If you don’t seal them tightly enough, or if a bit of mushroom gets stuck in the seal, fresh oxygen can enter the bag while it’s in storage, lowering the shelf life substantially.

using chocolate

Chocolate is an unexpectedly effective preservation technique. You may make your psilocybin chocolates by powdering dry mushrooms, melting chocolate on the stove (dark chocolate lasts the longest), and adding powdered mushrooms while the chocolate cools.

Vacuum sealed bags

The ziplock bag has evolved into vacuum-sealed bags. They go one step further and remove all the air from the bag before closing it with heat. They won’t leak and will keep the mushrooms safe from air and moisture.

You can protect them from UV light by using mylar vacuum sealer bags. You’ll be able to keep any amount of mushrooms for several years with this method. It’s the gold standard when it comes to long-term dry food storage.

using honey

Honey is a fantastic preserver. While the best-before date on honey purchased at your local grocery store usually is about two years, honey will last considerably longer.

You can utilize honey as a preservative by placing your magic mushrooms in an empty mason jar and then covering the entire bunch in fresh, organic honey. Ensure the mushrooms are covered with honey by at least 2 cm (12 inches). Any mushrooms left uncovered will decay.

The active compounds in the mushrooms will diffuse into the honey during storage. You can eat the honey directly for the psychedelic effects when it’s time to use it.

Duration of storage

Fresh mushrooms would have a short shelf life, especially if left unpacked in the open. These mushrooms are psychedelics. Therefore, storage should be a priority when keeping mushrooms for consumption. Not only are mushrooms prone to mold and decay, but this would also affect the mushroom’s potency and could lead to adverse effects if consumed.

The best time to preserve your magic mushrooms is after they’ve been collected. You can put them in any paper bag and store them somewhere cold, dark, and dry where there are no other materials, such as a refrigerator. You can keep the hallucinogenic content for a month this way.

Where to store your mushrooms

Ideally, fresh mushrooms are stored properly in sealed containers such as airtight packets or plastic containers. On the other hand, Dry mushrooms can last longer than fresh mushrooms. They can be stored in a paper bag or mason jars.

An exemplary storage area has good airflow and shields the mushrooms from UV light, heat, and direct sunlight. This enables the mushrooms to last longer, whether they are dried shrooms.

If you do not have a container, you can store fresh mushrooms in a cool, dark place where the mushrooms are not exposed to high temperatures and the air is cool.

Shelf life

To prolong the shelf life of mushrooms, some are dried. You can air dry mushrooms to avoid mold and rot infesting your mushrooms quickly. Moisture will be evaporated from the mushrooms, and thus they are viable for long-term storage.

Dried shrooms are becoming increasingly popular among mushroom users. This is because they are easy to pack, consume, and last longer than fresh mushrooms. The potency of dried shrooms isn’t affected and are still potent psychedelics. Eating dried shrooms has a unique taste as well.

Mushrooms can be made into capsule form to preserve their active compounds better. Active psilocybin is still present even after going through a drying process for dried mushrooms.

You can quickly tell if your mushrooms go bad as they emit a foul smell like that of mold or rotten food. It would be best to place fresh mushrooms in mason jars that are airtight or put them in the fridge to be preserved longer, as shrooms go bad pretty quickly in humid conditions.

Best practices for storing mushrooms

Mushrooms should be stored correctly for them to have a longer shelf life. Fresh ones tend to last only a few hours up to just a few days, but if subjected to air drying, mushrooms could last up to three months if stored properly.

Both magic mushrooms and storage truffles can be dried without using any heat. It’s a common blunder that’s sometimes made to speed up the process. However, extended heat cycles can destroy and degrade the active components in magic mushrooms, lowering their efficacy.

After that, pre-drying your magic harvest to remove excess moisture is required, followed by a complete main dry with a desiccant. This will remove all necessary moisture, allowing your mushrooms to be stored for a long time.

Fresh magic mushrooms and truffles should never be frozen because this destroys the integrity of their inner cell membrane, diminishing their efficacy dramatically. 

How long do mushrooms last?

Depending on the storage method used and the composition and type of mushroom, the shelf life and availability for consumption of your mushrooms could last up to 2-3 years if stored properly.

If you don’t keep fresh magic mushrooms properly, they will rot in just a few days. Fresh mushrooms can be held in the fridge for up to 10 days in a brown paper bag, but seldom for longer.

Fresh magic truffles will remain longer in the fridge, usually between two and three months.

The longest-lasting mushrooms and truffles are dried mushrooms and truffles (a year or more). They don’t require refrigeration.

When magic mushrooms are stored properly, they can have a three-month shelf life (in a non-airtight container) to last two years (vacuum-sealed bags with desiccant and O2 absorber).

Even if you don’t want to keep your mushies for two years, you should preserve them correctly to avoid losing their effectiveness.

Where to get your mushrooms

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