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Quality cannabis buds

The spicy, recognizable scent of well-grown, high-quality cannabis buds — that skunky aroma that ranges from somewhat sweet to earthy to diesel-like — indicates high terpene content. 

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A marijuana bud is not smell-proof, and you can identify its quality from the first whiff of the bud. In the same aspect, when comparing edibles, and concentrates, in this aspect, quality can also be judged by their initial aroma and scent, especially in edibles, as they are food products infused with marijuana.

Good quality cannabis buds should be green in color and not brown. With undertones ranging from purple to rose to golden, the exact color can vary from brighter, icy greens to darker, forest greens. 

Indica buds, on the other hand, should be tight and compact, while Sativa buds should be light and fluffy. Indica buds, on the other hand, can take on a Sativa-like appearance when grown carelessly, with open, unfinished buds and visible stems. Indica and Sativa structural features are frequently found in hybrid strains.

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Best strains available

The best cannabis bud products are now available for your purchase at GetGreen! Get quality cannabis bud products from your online dispensary, and quality service is a guarantee for the money you pay.

For users who want to buy cheap weed online in Canada, you no longer need to worry about quality, and prices, as GetGreen offers the best marijuana products sourced from top suppliers and cannabis shop suppliers. Choose from a wide selection of bud strains, and get the best deals and prices for your first order.

Different strain types

Buds have different effects based on the strain of marijuana used to make them. Indica, Sativa, and mixed flowers have varying physical effects and cerebral stimulations. Cannabis plants are classified into three groups. Different effects are produced by each type, which varies in potency and usefulness according to the intended goal. The three primary types of marijuana plants are Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and hybrids.

Aside from the three basic types of cannabis plants, Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, there are a variety of cannabis strains used in products, each with its intensity and efficacy.

When swallowed or absorbed in some form, cannabinoids are the primary components included in cannabis strains found in the marijuana flower that produce full-body effects and potential adverse effects on the human body. Cannabinoids are found in variable amounts in each species of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis Indica 

The sedative properties of Cannabis Indica are well-known. This variety is best grown indoors and comes from shorter, bushier plants. Indica buds have a strong aroma and a flowery and fruity flavor when smoked.

The calming qualities of this strain are well-known. This cultivar is best cultivated inside and is derived from shorter, bushier plants depending on line-height. Indica buds have a strong aroma and a flowery and fruity flavor when smoked.

Indica’s effect on the human body is known as “stoned” or “body high,” suggesting that its effects are focused mainly on the body rather than just on the mind. Senses such as hearing, touch, and smell are all enhanced by Indica, but it also makes users feel quite tranquil, if not tired. Despite its relaxing effects, it can occasionally induce a heavy bodily sensation, causing most users to sit and rest. This result is known as “Couch Lock.” While Indica strains can sometimes enhance creativity, they are more commonly associated with shorter attention spans.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis Sativa is known for its elevating properties, resulting in a head “high” mainly felt in the brain. This variety is best cultivated outdoors and originates from tall, slender plants. When smoked, the buds of this strain have a sweet and fruity aroma and an earthy flavor.

Cannabis Sativa is commonly used for its uplifting and energizing effects, producing a “high” in the head, mainly felt in the brain. This cultivar grows best in the open air and comes from tall, thin plants. This strain’s buds smell sweet and fruity, and when smoked, they taste earthy.


Hybrids are crossbred varieties of Sativa and Indica strains. Compared to Sativa and Indica strains, hybrids feature a more balanced combination of THC and CBD components. Hybrids are the most productive cannabis combinations, allowing users to experience the benefits of both Indica and Sativa strains, with varying degrees of potency depending on the strain.

What’s right for you

Whether looking to enjoy smoking buds on your own or with friends, selecting the correct type of buds for the occasion is essential. Depending on your or your friends’ taste, the strain and THC content per gram and other characteristics such as medicinal benefits should be factored in making your choice.


Cannabis buds have different cultivars or types, such as the Indica strain, Sativa strain, hybrids, and other mixed strains like OG Kush. Cannabis plants have the widest variety of possible strain combinations, and each strain offers different effects and experiences for the user.

Age, tolerance levels, and active compounds present per gram in your marijuana product are also important factors to consider when choosing your bud of choice. Concentrates, edibles, and other weed products have varying amounts of active compounds present in them, which all account for the varying intensity levels of their effects.

Best budget buds for you

Here are some of the top cheap weed products listed for you and available for your purchase at GetGreen. All weed products are guaranteed top-quality weed and are just suitable for your price. Cheap weed is available in deals and offers that are great for the price and sourced from the best shop sources and trusted dispensaries across Canada.

Shop from a variety of marijuana bud products. Concentrates, edibles, and other weed products are listed at great prices and deals! You can check out our ounces for 99$ or less here at GetGreen. Quality is guaranteed for the price you pay, and your weed product will arrive within an hour if you are located in Vancouver.

$75 Mystery Oz A-AAAA
$75 Mystery Oz A-AAAA

There are 28 grams of one randomly chosen cannabis strain (A – AAAA grade) in this package. 

For this mystery 0z bud, you can expect an AAAA grade bud inside this product, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your weed cravings will be fulfilled. This product is perfect for customers who want a great deal for the price. Now available for online purchase here at 


Shipping Information: 

Orders above $150 qualify for free expedited shipping. We only ship inside Canada and provide a tracking number. 

For your privacy, we use discrete and vacuum-sealed packaging. 

HeadBand AAA
AAA Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa HeadBand AAA Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa 

Tetrahydrocannabinol levels range from 17% to 24%. 

A headband is a tried-and-true staple that can be found practically anyplace. It can be found on both the legal and illegal markets, although it is more prevalent on the West Coast. This cultivar is a hybrid of two legendary parents, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which carry a Sativa/Indica ratio of 40:60. Headband gets its name from its well-known cerebral effects, as it causes a pressure sensation across the upper head area.

Tetrahydrocannabinol levels as high as 17-24% can be found in this cultivar, putting it on the top shelf of strong types. A headband is best utilized to treat diseases that respond to 

Tetrahydrocannabinol because CBD levels are low (less than 0.5%). Though the cultivar produces a powerful blend of exhilaration and creativity, it’s best utilized on a rainy day because it causes a spacey feeling that can make daytime tasks difficult.

It’s best for chronic pain and anxiety because the most significant benefits are felt in the body. Some of the symptoms it can potentially treat are Nausea, wasting, mental problems, muscle spasms, and migraines. The headband has a creamy, smooth flavor with lemon and diesel notes. Expect a dry mouth and eyes; other side effects are less common. 

Rockstar AAAA -Indica
Rockstar AAAA — Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica, 30% Sativa 
THC levels: 14 to 19 percent. 

This Indica dominant hybrid is named Rockstar and has the potential to carry a 70 percent Indica/30 percent Sativa level strain made by crossing the famous Rock Bud and Sensi Star strains groups. It is not to confuse its relative “Rockstar OG” cultivars. The Rockstar high is known for its hard-hitting effects, fueled by a 14-19 percent average THC content, but it does not possess the drowsiness effects of its parent cultivars.

A few minutes after inhaling the Rockstar high, a cerebral head rushes, leaving you feeling energized and euphoric. Joyful, with active inclinations and motivation. A creeping body buzz will be the first thing you’ll notice as the intensity of this enormous head high develops, leaving you completely relaxed in every muscle, powerless, couch-locked, and in a state of perfect ecstasy.

Despite its substantial muscle-relaxing properties, Rockstar will not make you sleepy. Due to its potent effects, Rockstar is great for symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms or tremors, inflammation, and mild to moderate depression. This bud has a spicy mulled wine flavor with an intense, slightly skunky exhale and a spicy grapey soil fragrance with a hint of skunk, savory herbs.

Medium-sized, bumpy dark olive green spade-shaped nugs with deep purple overtones, flaming orange hairs, and frosty trichome-covered purple leaves characterize Rockstar buds. 

Runtz AAA -Hybrid
Runtz AAA -Hybrid Hybrid – 50/50 Sativa/Indica Runtz AAA -Hybrid Hybrid – 50/50 Sativa/Indica 

THC levels range from 19 to 29 percent content. 

Runtz is a well-balanced hybrid strain (50 percent Indica, 50 percent Sativa) created by crossing the famed Zkittlez and Gelato strains. Runtz is a fantastic fruity flavor with plenty of tropical citrus and sour berries, and it’s named after the popular candy.

The fragrance is similar, but the small sticky nugs have a bitter, fiery pineapple flavor that intensifies when broken up and burned. The Runtz high bursts forth after a few minutes, first lifting your head and then radiating in a tingling sensation felt across your body. As the Runtz high progresses, you’ll see a relaxing sensation spread throughout your limbs, leaving you wholly drowsy and couch-locked for hours before ultimately falling into a deep and beautiful sleep.

Runtz is widely thought to be perfect for treating conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, appetite loss or Nausea, chronic stress or worry, and its benefits and extraordinarily high 19-29 percent average THC level. This bud has a frosty white purple-tinted crystal trichome coating and dense grape-shaped olive green nugs with thin orange hairs, dark purple overtones, and a snowy white purple-tinted trichome coating.

Your preferences matter

At GetGreen, we care about making sure the right product type meets your needs and tastes. We’re here to give you the choice of having a fast and convenient marijuana product delivered directly to your home, hassle-free, wherever in Canada, whether you prefer to visit your local cannabis shop or elect to buy weed online.

All products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and produced with only the finest ingredients, purchased from Canada’s most reputable dispensaries. Bud products are manufactured using innovative technology, utilizing an efficient bud farming method through manufacturing, ensuring that the product retains quality from farmers to dispensaries, and finally to your hands, ready to be consumed.

We have a massive range of goods from the greatest dispensaries in British Columbia and around Canada for you to choose from. We’ll handle your delivery no matter where you are in Canada or Vancouver.

Wondering how to get your buds?

Don’t have access to a dispensary in your area? We’ve got your back. GetGreen Deliveries provides quick delivery of your items from your online purchase, obtained from various dispensaries throughout British Columbia, Vancouver, and Canada. 

Buy weed online now and choose from a wide selection of weed products, including bud products, edibles, and concentrates offered at the best price available. Get access to discounts and unique offers when buying weed online from your online dispensary anywhere in Canada. Get fast delivery options or a mail-order marijuana service from your online dispensary for customers who are not in a rush to receive their orders.

All product prices and quality are guaranteed affordable, and customers receive the best quality product for their price.

Our website now allows you to place orders online. Visit our site at Leafville – Buy Weed Online Canada – for incredible Ounce Deals or When you shop online with Getgreen, you will receive your order for fast deliveries in Richmond and Vancouver within 30 to 60 minutes! 

All products we offer are guaranteed to be legal under British Columbia and Canadian legislation. 

Delivery modes

Online shopping and weed delivery in the Vancouver and Richmond districts can be done in hours. Your order will be delivered within 30 to 60 minutes from your trusted store or dispensary and nearby dispensaries from which your products will be sourced. 

Enjoy free shipping for marijuana products you purchase on special deals! Get quality products for the price you pay. For every purchase of edibles, bud products, or concentrates, you have our guarantee that your product will arrive within 30 to 60 minutes around Vancouver. Your package is secure from suppliers to online shop owners and dispensaries for orders around Canada, and our service is guaranteed secure. We value our customers here at GetGreen, and we make sure that you are satisfied with our service.

Unique deals

All GetGreen goods have same-day local deliveries, are obtained from several dispensaries, and are delivered to your doorstep without difficulty. Take advantage of fantastic bargains and discounts that are just available to you. Please take advantage of our mixed & match product categories to save money on your next order!

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