The 7 Best Weed Strains for Social Gatherings

The 7 Best Weed Strains For Social Gatherings
The 7 Best Weed Strains For Social Gatherings 2

The 7 Best Weed Strains for Social Gatherings

Whether you’re new to marijuana or you’re a veteran smoker, smoking weed socially can be a great opportunity for nights full of laughs and memories with friends. 


Different strains of cannabis can produce different effects on the mind and body and therefore are good for different situations. For social gatherings, you’ll probably be looking for a strain that will enhance your extroversion, making you talkative and outgoing. 


Many of us consider alcohol the typical social lubricant. It’s known to loosen people up, combat social anxiety, and amp up chattiness. But alcohol comes with some negative effects too – think the morning-after hangover and decisions you may regret (if you remember them). 


With the right strain of cannabis, you can achieve the same social benefits. We’ve curated a list of strains that can lead you to happy, talkative highs – and we’ve left out any strains known to make you anxious, paranoid, or sleepy. 

Choosing the Right Cannabis

There are a few different factors that go into selecting the best strain of weed for any given occasion. We’ll go through some basic distinctions to get you started on the right foot and help you understand the various classifications out there. 

Indica vs. Sativa

Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa are the two main types of pot available on the market these days. They have varying botanical properties, meaning that they have different effects on the body and the mind. 


Indica strains are known to have more of a calming or relaxing effect, while sativa strains typically cause a more uplifting high. Indica plants generally contain more CBD than THC, whereas sativa plants generally have the opposite ratio. 


Of course, there are also hybrid strains that combine the benefits of both plants and can help you find a happy medium between indica and sativa. Whether a strain is primarily indica or primarily sativa can determine some of its effects on mood and the type of high it’s likely to give you. 

THC Content

Another factor to consider when choosing a strain of weed is its THC content. For the purpose of socializing, you probably don’t want a plant with a super high level of THC, because that can lock you in on the couch, giving you a focused high but not necessarily a sociable one. 


With that in mind, strains with THC levels of 20% or lower will generally ensure you’re still able to participate actively in conversation and remain a fun part of the group. The THC level that you can handle will also depend on your experience smoking. But THC content isn’t the only piece of the puzzle to consider. 


At this point, strains of weed are much more complex than just their THC levels and their classification as either indica or sativa. Our current strains have been bred and crossed and genetically manipulated to be the best they can be – and innovation in this area is still continuing to this day. Therefore, all the strains on this list have several unique properties that go beyond just their classifications. 

Strains for Smoking Socially

Get out your bong or your pipe and pass it around the circle – it’s time to smoke with friends. So which strains can give you the best energized, social high to ensure you don’t fall asleep on the couch halfway through the night? 


Our top seven picks provide numerous socially-oriented benefits, regardless of the occasion. Whether it’s a low-key hang out with friends, a 420-friendly party, or your cousin’s baby shower that you really don’t want to be at, these strains will equip you for any event. 

1. White Widow

This is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s known for its happy, talkative highs. White Widow will set you up perfectly for an open-minded and energetic night with friends. It has a THC content of up to 19%, so it provides a long-lasting high that won’t leave you handcuffed to the couch. 


There are also a number of other strains that have been bred from White Widow, including the famous White Russian. Known for its cerebral high, White Russian is great for intellectual conversations with those around you that just flow. Its THC content can reach up to 25%, so it will hit hard, but it will lead you to a euphoric high. 


Some people call White Russian the “dinner party” strain due to its tendency to make its users chattier than normal and especially creative, meaning that those group conversations are the perfect time to dive deep into any topic under the sun. You’ll be able to handle it all. 


White Widow and White Russian share a strong fragrance with a smooth, spicy flavor. Its undertones are ones of skunk and earth.

2. Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream, a popular 1990s strain, comes with a refreshing citrus aroma. Lately, it’s been channeled into a modern remake called Tangie, known by some as “the cocktail party king” because of its ties to an extroverted mood. 


Tangie has a THC level that can reach 22%, so it’s a good choice for experienced smokers. It brings on a buzzy euphoria quickly, so it won’t be long before you’re chatting up total strangers. Tangie is known for its social highs. 


It’s the perfect strain for a night of stimulating debate and gregarious conversations with friends, and it’s great for sharing. When everyone’s in a similar headspace, you can count on raucous laughter and impassioned debates about topics that, in the morning, might not seem quite as pressing as they were the night before. 


Tangie makes it easy not to take yourself – or others – too seriously. It’s also a common strain for vape pen cartridges, so it’s good for smoking in many forms. 

3. Strawberry

A sativa-dominant strain of cannabis with pronounced uplifting effects, Strawberry is a great strain for parties or events where you know you’ll have to partake in some small talk. It’s comfortable and relaxing, and it has none of the potential paranoia that is sometimes known to accompany high-THC strains like this one. 


Its fruity scent and happy highs bring physical and mental ease and bring out the best in you in situations when you’re talking a lot with others. Known to reduce social anxiety, Strawberry is also great for events where you don’t know everyone – yet!


There are some great hybrids bred from Strawberry as well, including Strawberry Cough. With an added element of skunky spice, this strain will give you a creative high chock full of positive energy and good, funky vibes. Strawberry Cough can turn you into a total social butterfly, no matter what your usual state of being is like. 

4. Blue Diesel

Also known as Blue City Diesel, this strain gives you a long-lasting body buzz. It’s a great strain if you want to extend your high for over an hour. Plus, it kicks in high fast – it’s known for working very quickly, and it’ll give you a cerebral high that’s perfect for conversations with friends. 


It’s a great strain for daytime smoking, because it relaxes users in social settings but doesn’t put them to sleep. If you’re looking to go clubbing or dance the night away, Blue Diesel probably isn’t the strain for you – it’s a bit more chill than that. 


But it’s an excellent option for a casual hangout with friends. As long as the high lasts, you’ll be talkative and charming, and as it eases off, you’ll relax into a chilled-out state perfect for a small social gathering. 


A cross between NYC Diesel and Blueberry, it gives off a pleasant berry aroma that speaks to its ancestry. Ever since its release, it’s been one of the most popular strains on the market – and for good reason. 


It does come in a variety of THC levels ranging from 16% to 23%, so be wary of which option you’re choosing. A THC level of 16% is pretty reasonable, but a 23% THC level will probably make inexperienced smokers a bit more prone to couch-lock. 

5. Orange Bud

A throwback strain initially bred in the 1980s, Orange Bud is a cross between two 100% skunk strains. It’s another indica-dominant hybrid, and its THC level clocks in at just about 16%, making it an approachable strain even for those less experienced smokers in the room.


It’s a go-to strain for when you’re hosting an event due to its cross between subtle relaxation and a mild uplifting sensation that builds slowly for a long-lasting high. Its energizing properties mean that you’ll be able to be chatty and sociable with your guests.


At the end of the night, the head high will wear off and transition into a body high, making you feel sleepy. But by then, the party will be over. It’s a great choice for staying upbeat and level-headed when hosting duties fall on you. 


Orange Bud has a distinctive look, with bright orange hairs coating its surface. It smells of orange and nectarine, making for a pleasant smoke. 

6. Lemon

There are a number of different lemon strains that have been bred from the legendary Lemon OG. Sour Lemon OG and Super Lemon Haze are two of the best ones out there. 


Sour Lemon OG was produced from a cross between California Sour and Lemon OG. As its name suggests, it has a distinct sour smell complete with notes of lemon, lime, and apple. Its simultaneous mind and body highs make it a go-to strain for any social situation (or even just a jam-packed day). 


Super Lemon Haze is one of those rare strains that’s great for partying into the night. It gives an intense happy high that’s extra energizing. Your mind will be full of conversation starters. Plus, it has a sweet, lemony candy flavor that makes it eminently shareable. Pass the joint around to anyone else looking to have a great time. 

7. Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband is a legendary strain originating from Northern California. There are several renditions and hybrids of it these days, but the original stands out as an excellent option. It’s known for its balanced high with both a cerebral rush and a relaxing body effect. 


This strain is another indica-dominant option with THC content ranging from 10% to 20%, so the potency is really up to you. Its cerebral head high will come on within minutes. 


Known as one of the best mood-enhancing strains, Blueberry Headband is a great option for parties you don’t really want to be at (think your coworker’s wedding shower that you’re not really sure why you were invited to). After a while, the head high will wear off and relax your body, making you sleepy – a great excuse to leave. 


It has notes of diesel, berries, and pepper. Blueberry Headband is a classic strain that was built for social enjoyment. 

Be Your Best Self at Social Events

Whatever the event, weed can be the social lubricant you need to shine and enjoy yourself to the max. Each of these seven strains has unique properties that can ease social situations and turn up your chattiness while you continue to enjoy mind and body highs that relax you.


Small gatherings of friends, baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, happy hours… all of these events can be improved with the right strain of weed. Pick a strain that you think will amplify your socialization. Start with a lower level of THC and then move up to something higher once you’ve gained a little experience with it. 

Depending on your location, there are many ways to find the strain you want to try – and even get it delivered to you. In today’s world, you can order weed online and check out huge catalogs of products made to help you find the right strain quickly and easily.